Artist of 2020

he winner of «Artist Of The Year» is: Stephanie Ryann ✨

The jury's reasoning: The last award This year goes to the amazing Stephanie Ryann ! Stephanie has turned out to be quite the woman and artist. The journey she has been on is so amazing. If you’re looking for a hard working woman with her Heart in the right place, here she is. Stephanie has a lot of music Released and we love every single one of her Songs. She’s done a lot of live streams, co-writes and worked hard on new music and music videos. Her latest single «I should» is a Heartfelt country song that most people can relate to in so many ways. The lyrics are so well written and her soft Voice on top of it all is just wonderfull. She Also released a christmas song, and we gotta say it is on repeat. This is a girl with a lot of Things going on at the same time. And When we watch her live streams we just smile! Cause she is such a good person and she can sing everything. No matter what it Sounds good. Stephanie has been nominated for several Things This year and she’s seen as an artist to watch in 2021! We couldn’t agree more. This girl Is going to take on the charts, and we have a feeling that she’ll be up for Some award shows sometime in the Future. We are sertain that all of her dreams Will come true. Stephanie Ryann is an artist we admire and a lot of young girls aspire to be like. She deserves to be recognized for her talent and hard work. Go and add Stephanie Ryann to your playlist! CONGRATULATIONS Stephanie Ryann on Being The Wood Music’s «Artist Of The Year» ✨🔥✨🔥

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